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Customer: The Beautiful Bride

How do you see customer?

King or Queen…?

Let me briefly share a personal story. Sometimes 1997, I decided to have a girlfriend.   Most of my friends had someone close to share frustrations at that level with. I had none.

Being a choosy person, it took me a longer time to meet someone that could make my heart beats at the speed of light.

And, when I finally met this girl taking an innocent evening stroll on a friend’s street, I spared no second to nail it.

Interestingly, my first date was hell of a hard to get chic.  I had just passed out of secondary with only Ababio (Chemistry textbook) as a reliable companion.

Wooing a lady at that time was a new hat for me with no one ready to run me through a crash course.

3 Ways to Use Content to Get More Sales

Wait a minute, how have you been closing sales?

If content marketing is still new to you, right now you have opportunities to learn the tricks.

At every touchpoint on your customers journey to make purchase decision, there needs to be suitable content to motivate customers to take actions.

No doubt, content marketing is the new way to getting your sales pitches to prospects and customers in a non-interruptive way.

According to Custom Content Council, “… 69% of marketers say content is superior to direct mail and PR. The Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%).

I have been humbly involved in helping small business owners come up with killer sales content, and like any other business, you just can’t survive without marketing.

This is what you will learn by sticking with me to the end of this post: how to close sales with right content.

How to Get Visitors to Your Mansion Online

It has become a norm to have Internet presence in this an age. Whether on social media or Website. The only way you can become visible on the Internet soil is to be Web present.

Social media is considered as a rented apartment on the Internet, the day the owner decides to shut-down, that is the day your time investment, and visibility ends.

As I write, there is no indication any popular social network is going into extinction anytime soon.

So, don’t panic!

However, website without anyone visiting is a waste of time, money and other business scarce resources.

In the past, you could have a few people surfing the Internet stumble on your site by chance.

That era is long gone!

Your source of traffic shouldn’t be from folks who know your site exists.

Marketing in Digital Era

Marketing as part of business growth strategy has been with us from time immemorial.

In every business, marketing plays a critical role.

There is a common saying that marketing is the life-blood of any organization.

Dr Philip Kotler defines marketing as follows, “…marketing is that function of the organization that can keep in constant touch with the organization’s consumers, read their needs, develop products that meet these needs, and build a programme of communications to express the organization’s purposes”.

There are six practical ways to approach marketing;

  1. Discovering where the money is
  2. Becoming better than everyone else
  3. Finding enough customers
  4. Motivating customers to take action
  5. Communicating on a regular basis
  6. Making the sale

Let me quickly set your marketing mindset right.

Discovering where the money is

The fundamental truth about money is that it is means of exchange.

The Holy grails of Online Marketing: Traffic, Conversions, Branding, Viral Buzz

When you first heard the word online marketing, chances are that you would be wondering what the buzz term could do to your business bottom-lines as an entrepreneur.

If you had been sold online marketing package in the past, and the results were not palatable, online marketing might also appear as another conduit your marketing team is using to freak away your hard-earned money.

It won’t sound great to you.

But, if done right, you should expect to get an increased in traffic to your Web office-website, and decent conversions if those traffic are quality and relevant.

With a well coordinated online marketing, your brand will be exposed to a larger audience. And if hardwork luck beckons on you, your product will get the viral buzz.

No matter what your other KPIs are, traffic, conversions,

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